Character Profiles: Fawn & Devi (Winter’s Siren)

WINTER’S SIREN is now available on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber.

For fun, I’m going to do some character profiles for some of the main players, starting with Fawn & Devi. 🙂

First Name: Fawn
Last Name: Unknown
Age: 22

Birthplace: Bolivia, South America
Location of “Adoption”: Venezuela, South America

Hobby: Daydreaming but not the fluffy cloud kind of daydreaming
Occupation: Prima Donna of a secluded opera house

Fears: Birds, large and small
Random Fact: Was abandoned because her mom didn’t think she could afford to raise her

First Name: Devi
Last Name: Stron-Formes
Age: 21

Birthplace: Montana, USA – Smoky Mountain Region
Education: Personal Tutor

Hobbies: Reading fairy tales and singing
Occupation: Playwright and songwriter

Fears: Heights, Crickets, and Boa Constrictors
Random Fact: Speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French

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